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Thursday May 10, 2001 - Guess what, BS2000 will be playing 8 dates on their mini European Tour that goes through Holland, Germany & the UK, in the month of August. Check out the tour section for the correct dates.

Even though this game doesn't really involve BS200, Grand Royal created a new flash game called BS2000 GRatzee. Not to be confused, with that game with the similar name. Play it now... GRatzee

Finally, I'm having a couple problems trying to change the domain of the site... It will still be a while, yeah!

Wednesday May 2, 2001 - I've got some some rumors to correct and some site news to tell....

#1 -- DaMaNiAc told me in my guestbook that "BS2000 are playing reading and leeds but using the name BS2000. Ash are a band and they are headlining the radio1 evening session stage. Evan Dando are also a band but i have never heard of them."

#2 -- This site will soon be known as , i just gotta work out the details with Martijn at beastieplaza

That is all!

Wednesday April 25, 2001 - It's my brothers birthday today -- Happy Birthday Karl. I fixed up the Lyric section today, (it looks alot better)although it still needs a some work.

I recently heard a rumor that BS2000 will be playing at this years READING/leeds FESTIVAL in late August (apparently they're playing under the name of "ash & evan dando") . So all you UK-BS2000 Fans can stop whining about BS2000 shafting the UK.

Tuesday April 24, 2001 - Well Freeservers is really pissing me off, I can't seem to design this webpage the way I want too... I'll be making minor updates to the page every so often . Now on to some BS-News, New York Cityers beware, BS2000 will be guest DJing on 92.3 K-rock at 10:00 next Sunday 29 (thanks to Diana for this info). I guess this means that BS2000 is just gonna be chillin' in NYC for the next little while.

Saturday April 21, 2001 - Things are definatly fucked here. In the meantime check out a sweet review of the BS2000 Hawaii show that happend a couple months ago. There is alot BS2000 knowledge in the review - i was very impressed! Excuse the mess!

Tuesday April 17, 2001 - Just a quicky -- I posted up Diana's really long, but very cool review of BS2000's NYC show (she met everybody) --- prepare for more updates this week.

Friday April 13, 2001 - Good Friday to you all (drop the meat). The Mini BS2000 US Tour has come and gone now (last show is tonight in DC), I'm suppose to be getting a couple reviews for the Detroit and Pittsburg shows (by the way, thanks to T-Mo for tellling me he'd love to write a review but cant cuz of school - don't worry bro). I still need other reviews for Milwaukee, Cleveland, Philly, NYC and DC. (So please either email me or sign the guestbook if your interested)

I just got these wicked "bs2000 designs" from my gal Idris (i hope that your a gal) - I'll be posting them up in various locations on this site!

I just wanna clear things up, there is no word yet if BS2000 will be touring anymore after this tour. But if they are, then I'll let you all know... Peace in the middle east!

Wednesday April 11, 2001 - I've posted DipDipDive's review of BS2000's Chicago show in the Tour Review section (check it out, it's a good story).

Gotta go the cops are after me!

Monday April 09, 2001 - First off I'd like to thank Sweetlips from the Grand Royal Message Board for allowing me to use her review of the BS2000 - Minneapolis Show. You can check out her review, along with 2 other reviews from the Japan Tour, in the review section. I'm looking foreward to a review I'm receiving from my new friend Jeremy who went to the Detroit show. He's already emailed me a really cool pic of the BS2000 Tour Bus outside the Magic Stick. I'm looking for more REVIEWS from the tour, so if your interested email me at

Yesterday I went on the local University radio station, and I got to play and talk about BS2000. I played "The Scrappy" (cuz it's the new single). You should try and do the same.

On a final note, you can check out some BS2000 pics and more at this new bs2000 webpage dedicated to the Minneapolis Show. Check it out...

Tuesday April 03, 2001 - I can`t believe that tonight is the first night of the official BS2000 US Tour, i`m excited. I`ve heard from people that for the majority of the shows on this tour have already been SOLD OUT!!! So what i`m saying is that if you got yourself some BS2000 tickets, consider yourself lucky - and if you can still score some BS2000 tickets your even luckier. I hear that the New York City show is going to be the BIG Show on the tour, don`t be suprised if you see an MCA or Ricky Powell there.

Since it`s the start of the BS2000 tour, what better way to burst the bubble than with a new video. Bill McMullen has directed BS2000`s "the scrappy" you can check out the video HERE (by the way doesn`t the guy at the start of the video `with the mohawk` look like Scott Weiland)

Expect more updates and more fun later this week... Peace!

Tuesday March 20, 2001 - New links added, I recommend people checking out the new BS2000 - Dig Deeper webpage, it is very good (even though they stole their mp3s from my site).

By the way check out my guestbook for an important message by me, I will make an official statement sometime soon! Bye...

Monday March 19, 2001 - Hello Yall... I was in Toronto for the past 4 days and I checked out some magazines and I was reading the latest issue of Alternative Press and they had a nice "small" review of Simply Mortified. I didn't want buy the mag cuz i was tight on cash so I ripped the page out (bad). Anyways I will try and scan the article and put it up on the site.

Also I checked out the latest issue of SPIN and they talked about the "TOP 40 for 2001" and I was really surprised to see BS2000's buddy Le Tigre in the list.... That is all

Tuesday March 13, 2001 - I posted a pic of the BS2000 Tour Flyer in the Tour Dates section. So copy it too your hard drive, print it and pass it around! If it the quality of the printout doesn't turn out right then email me and I'll email you back a good version of the Flyer.

Check out GRANDROYAL for a cool contest to win a Grand Prize of those cool Beastie Boys action figures, + there are various other prizes including some BS2000 stuff. But watch out the questions are hard.

A Phat award goes to Moksha (on the BS2000 message board) who asked BS2000 to play at his wedding (invite me!). And another Phat award goes to Dustin who said he will write a show for the BS2000 Chicago show, thanks bro.

Saturday March 10, 2001 - Uh sorry, sorry for the lack of updates. I've been really busy this week, but now I'm on holidays so expect so new "shit". First off let me lay down the


1. 7th Wonder - Daisy Lady
(i love the intro... i am going to make a rap beat out of it soon)

2. Le Tigre - Get Off The Internet
(just picture BS2000 with an older female vocal)

3. Wendy Rene - After Laughter Comes Tears
(Wu Tang sampled this song for Tearz, but for some reason I prefer this one!)

4. Ohio Players - Funky Worms
(Ohio Players always lay down the funky track.)

5. Mohawks - The Champ
(you might know this song from Krs One's "step into a world")

It looks like the group "the need" will be opening up for BS2000 on their upcoming Spring US tour.

I am still looking for people for writing reviews for the BS2000 US Tour. If your really interested in writing a small review for the site, drop a line in the guestbook and I will contact you.

Finally on a sad note, my mommy won't let me drive to Detroit to see the BS2000 concert, because it is too dangerous (plus it is an 8 hour drive).

Saturday March 3, 2001 - Sorry for the lack of updates everybody. In case you haven't heard, many super BS2000 fans have emailed me their review of a LIVE BS2000 Concert! So far I only have 2, but there will be more too come. CHECK OUT THE NEW "TOUR JOURNAL" Section.

Another thing is that I've heard that many people have had problems downloading the MP3s from the site. If that's the case for you, either email me or post your problem in my GUESTBOOK.

Thursday February 22, 2001 - A-tension, A-tension... New BS2000 MP3 Download in the download section. The song is called "Sing To Your Sink" it's a bonus track on the Japan Version of Simply Mortified. I still have the "Mom song" available to download (which is a bonus track on both the japan and UK version of SM)

Advanced tickets for the BS2000 US Tour now at HERE. So Go out and get them, it will be worth the money.

I hear there is an actual "positive review" of Simply Mortified, in the latest issue of MAXIM. So check it out and maybe get nasty!

New User or even old users DROP ME A LINE IN THA GUESTBOOK. I enjoy reading anything, thanks!

Wednesday 21, 2001 - I just want to let you people know that I saw the BS2000 article in "MEAN" magazine, and it was preety stout. Fortunatly I didn't have enought money to buy the mag, but I'll try and get it this weekend and you should too!

Now secondly, I know all you so they call it "beastie boys fans" are peeved at the fact that your beastie boys message board has officially united with the Grand Royal Message Board System. I personally just want to congradulate Ian Rogers on his fine work. But If you want to check out a good message board, you should check out the Beastieplaza Message Board at and start talking busy untill your busy stupid. I moderate the BS2000 & News/Rumors Section!

Thirdly (yes there is still more) I just want to know if anybody will be going to the BS2000 concert in Detroit. I am very interested in going (even though it will be a 9 hour car ride there). If you know that you are going to the show, give me a shout in the guestbook (or the beastieplaza message board) - I want to meet and greet my fellow BS2000 fans. Also if "you" are going to some other Bs2000 show, tell me, I want to write like a tour experiance journal on this site (just like Ian did for the Beastie' Ill Communications Tour). By the way I still haven't received any emails from my Jap-Bs2000 fans about their experiance at the BS2000 show. I'm still waiting.

Finally, Lyrics are up (sortof) I still have to work on it!

Friday February 16, 2001 - I've got alot of BS2000 news to share with you guys today! First off "US TOUR DATES" were announced at Grand Royal today. I was a little dissapointed that there wasn't at date in Toronto, but I guess I'll ask my parents if I can goto the Detroit show. All The tour dates are up in the tour section. For ticket info check the Grand Royal, they will be selling them online before they go out on the street!

I recommend people picking up the latest issue of "Revolver" (with Jon Davis of Korn on the cover). Anyways there is a really cool one page article about BS2000 where Adam and Amery talk about the influences and much more on BS2000. There is also a really good At The Drive In article for all you ATDI fans

Finally, I received my BS2000 "simply mortified" album yesterday, I was very happy. Anyways I'll be posting the lyrics from the album up on this site sometime this weekend. And that's all folks!

Wednesday February 14, 2001 - Happy Valentines Y'all, Did you get a Valentine today? Myself I haven't yet, I tried to give this girl (we will call her "JH") a homemade Valentine Card today, but I couldn't find her today at her school and I didn't really want to give it to her sister. Maybe I will see her today, but I don't know where I put the card (I SUCK)

I hope people enjoyed "the mom song" that we are offering in the download section. I suppose to be getting some concert review from my Japanease and Hawaii friends sometime soon, and they will be posted on the site!

Tuesday February 13, 2001 - Alright I've finalized my TOP 5 Casio Tracks Of The week, here they are:

1. Devo - Beautiful World
(a fun song just like a BS2000 song, though i didn't really like RATM's cover of it)

2. Money Mark - Underneath It All
(like i said, Money Mark would be on the chart and there will be more to come!)

3. Led Zeppelin - All Of My Love
(I just love the keyboard solo by "John Paul Jones". (Thanks to Amandalynn who told me to correct my booboo)

4. Jay-z - Sunshine
(not really one of my favorite Jay-z songs but the beats & sounds are wild)

5. Koufax - Out Of Your Element
(these guys were on the chart last time. These guys are good)

By the way, to "RIRV" and anyone else who would like to know, I made this site through (i hope that answers your question)

Monday February 12, 2001 - I don't think anybody cares that I forgot to post up my Top 5 Casio Tracks last Friday. I'll try and do that sometime this week once I've finalized my list.

I have a new special special MP3 up in the download section. You can download the UK Bonus track of Simply Mortified called "the mom song" (im not sure if it's spelled "the mom song" or "the mom's song"? Well anyways enjoy the song!

Tonight is a very special night for BS2000 - They will be performing their 1st public performance tonight - Im suppose to be getting a review from a couple of the Japanease shows so expect them up on the site soon! Bounce

Wednesday February 07, 2001 - Congrats to all the people who bought Simply Mortified yesterday or if your from the UK and you bought it Monday! I myself was very pissed off, I told the people at "Music World" to order it for me, and when I went to get it yesterday they had ordered the "Buddy - Single"! I gave them shit!

Anyways I've decided that my "Top 5 Chart" will be updated every 2nd week - starting tomorow. On the chart expect some Money Mark (I recently bought his LP and I like it!)

Tuesday February 06, 2001 - Sorry for the lack of updates (i've been busy with my new classes, anyway I just have one quick and important message for all of yall!


More updates tomorow - please check it out!

Thursday February 01, 2001 - WE'VE GOT 2 NEW RARE BS2000 MP3z in the bs-downloads section. 1. Session Obsession Session (from BBC Radio 1)! 2. Part 1 (of 2) Bernards Audio BS2000 Interview for Grand Royal (very funny)!!! Enjoy!

Wednesday January 31, 2001 - First things first, has officially joined forces with - The Beastieplaza will now host's message board! (thanks to Martijn) So go check out the message board at bs2000 message board<-- PLEASE CHECK IT OUT, REGISTER AND DROP SOME KNOWLEDGE!!!

A New US Tour Date for BS2000 anounced in the tour Section and finally Check Out Tomorow for some new MP3s

Tuesday January 30, 2001 - Well I'm done my exams for semester 1 of grade 12. Now incase you haven't noticed I've got a new banner on my main page (look up)! I think it's awsome (it's retro)! My new friend Tom "the dutch beastie boy" designed it for me - very very nice of him!

Monday January 29, 2001 - I've got my last exam tomorow, so this is just a small message. I've been told by "Built To Spill" at the GR'BS2000 Message Board That BS2000 will playing in Hawaii on Feb 22, 2001! I have no idea if he is telling the truth, but I think he got some inside info or something! If it's true I'll add it to the Tour Section! Bounce...

Sunday January 28, 2001 - Happy Superbowl Sunday everybody, I've got money on the Giants. Anyways I just want to say a few things today!

1. Make sure you go out and ask at your local record store, to order new BS2000 album "Simply Mortified" when it comes out supposedly "Feb 6. 2001". Do this because there might be a good chance that the album will not receive such a promotional release as would a Beastie Boys record!

2. I've been listening to the track "Wait A Minute" which is about a guy who saves a seat on a roller coaster for a friend and when he tries to speak to this friend a bird flies directly into his face. For some reason I keep thinking about the rollercoaster incident with the male-supermodel FABIO, when he went on some roller coaster, and when he returned his face was all bloody because a bird hit him in the face! I wonder if there is any relation?

3. I'm going to make a BS2000 lyric section before I have to steal it from somebody else. I'm looking for some possible help making it, so if anybody is interested in full props email me at

Friday January 26, 2001 - I know that this is a BS2000 webpage, but I still want to discuss about some of the music I've been listening too lately, so if you like the BS200 casio sound you'll enojoy these songs! Maybe try and download them off Napster! I call these my "Casio Songs of The Week!"

1. Koufax - Over It (an casio-emo group/cool sounds)

2. Reggie and the Full Effect - megan 2k (get up kids side project casio-new skool punk)

3. Snoop Doggy Dogg - Serial Killer(synthesizer madness - boogie your woogie)

4. Isley brothers - who's that lady(70s synthesizer funk - b-boys sampled it on A Year And A Day)

5. moog machine - jumping jack flash (crazy moog soundz)

Thursday January 25, 2001 - A couple of days ago, I got this cool little portable keyboard that has the craziest sounds, I used to play piano when I was a youth, so I'm going to try and learn by ear some BS2000 and quite possibly try and put up some notes on how to play on this site!!!

I was reading in my grand royal street newsletter that there will be a "cool" bs2000 article in the latest issue of "MEAN" magazine (i think Outkast is on the cover). I have never heard of that magazine before, but I'll be sure to look for it next time I go out to the mag store! You should too!

One more thing to add -- PLEASE SIGN MY GUESTBOOK. If you haven't please do (you will be on my cool list!) and if you have already, do it again! I'm really interested in what people want to see on this site, because this is a site for the people! thanks...

Monday January 22, 2001 - Alright "the first entry" of my BS2000 jornal. Ok I might be confusing people with this thing... this is where I write about the news and my thoughts on BS2000.

Well I read the review of "simply mortified" at and they gave the album 3/5! Not to shabby, very respectable. You can check out the review at here!!!